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Since 2013 I've been creating illustrations for people and business all over the world.
Scroll down to see some samples and read about how I work on them.
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I feel very fortunate to have worked on so many illustrations commissioned from all over the world. I have been asked to illustrate all sorts of occasions, ideas, things, films, books...
I love drawing people. I like drawing them quite simply. I use very often a pencil or ink line that try to capture gestures and expressions with few marks. I'm interested in finding out how far drawing can go with little.
Then I like to add bold splashes of bright  colour. Watercolour and ink are my favourite mediums. They are so full of light.
Couple portrait illustration art commission
Scottish wedding bespoke illustration commission
I think people really appreciate to have something that it's so very special to them interpreted by an artist and made into a stylish piece of art. It goes beyond the photograph. 
I rarely use one photograph for my compositions. I normally use a collage of different ones.
I think drawings -and this is one of the reasons why I like illustration so much- are light-hearted. Good illustrations combine humour with a non-judgemental observation of the world.
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Couple illustration bespoke commission
Family story illustration commission
As an artist I always try to do what I haven't done before. I don't like the idea of repeating myself. I don't enjoy doing what I know already how to do. A new piece is always a new adventure and it's full of excitement as well as risk. 
At the same time clients often want to see what they saw you did and they liked. So there is a bit of tension there. To avoid unwanted surprises, I always keep good communication at every stage. These illustrations are after all commissions and I want my clients to be happy with the result.
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Commission a poem illustration
Cute timeline illustration
Commission a calligraphic illustration
Poems, song lyrics or titles... I have done lots of them. If the text is short and the main "thing" in the picture, playing with the letters, making the text the actual drawing is a lot of fun. 
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