Elena Blanco is a UK-based artist working with watercolour and ink to make print, painting, and drawing. Her work is often illustrative and takes inspiration from literature, cinema, dreams, mythology and her architectural background.

Elena's early work is sold on wall art prints, home décor and textiles on many online platforms and at stores such as Ikea, Habitat and John Lewis. Also at online platforms such as Etsy and society6.

Her more recent original pieces and limited edition prints, created since 2020, are sold at elenablancoart.com and shipped directly from her studio in South London.

Working with watercolour and ink, Elena interacts with the unpredictability and fluidity of wet media to conjure the illusion of light and space, creating dreamy, evocative scenery sometimes populated by silhouettes and intriguing designs that transport us to timeless landscapes reminiscent of voyage and unexplored territories.

See current projects in her portfolio section.

Elena's work is licensed all around the world. If you are interested in licensing or commissioning please contact us.

Elena's most recent artwork can be purchased here
For commissions, enquiries, licenses or any comment you may have please contact us.​​​​​​​
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