HOW TO BE A GIRL -a collection of minimalist dancing girls in blue
Some are bold, some are dreamy, some real drama queens... The girls in the blue garments from the "How to be a girl" collection.
Let me introduce you to the 12 there are -so far. 
Scroll down to see them all and to read how they started. 
They are all now available on prints @Etsy
The girls in the bright blue garments started here:
I was working on a painting in this amazing ultramarine blue ink I had discovered -and have since used lots because is so gorgeous.

At some point the shapes started to look like moving cloth. Just for play I drew little heads and arms and legs. In pencil only -I didn't want to ruin my beautiful pattern. But the idea was too tempting, as I was moving from a blue shape to the other I saw more and more girls in all sort of funny poses and couldn't resist drawing them in permanent black ink.  

The painting above is available now on prints @Etsy

The whole collection is now available on prints @Etsy
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