MELANCHOLY in blue, indigo and grey. 
2015-2018 retrospective
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This is a collection of paintings made between 2015 and 2018. They all have an atmospheric feeling, a melancholic mood.
If colours convey emotions, dark blue, indigo and grey surely evoke melancholy -that bitter-sweet feeling of the end of the summer...
INTO THE WILDERNESS #1, ink brush on paper
WIND, ink pen and brush on paper
STORM IN GREY, gouache painting on paper
HIGH-RISE, ink pen and brush
BEHIND, watercolour and ink on paper
GREY WOODS, gouache and white pen on paper
ORGANIC GROWTH, gouache and white ink pen on paper
HARBOUR, ink pen on paper
GREY BRUSH STROKES, gouache on paper
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END OF SUMMER, 2015-18 Retrospective
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