A guide from artist Elena Blanco from DreamyMeisme
1. LIVING ROOM. Your living room is ideal for art sets and large pieces. Go along with your colour scheme to create harmonious displays like in this stylish "Japandi" décor in blue from Habitat UK. The large art print on the right is my very own "Two"! (click picture to access print in my shop)

Display from HabitatUK

Art sets of 3 prints displayed over a sofa or a credenza are also a brilliant option for a living room.

3. BEDROOM. Flowers, stars, forests and mountains are fabulous bedroom themes. Beautiful, nature images that you will want to see first thing in the morning and last at night.

Display above by Denydesigns

4. KITCHEN -A kitchen is not dissimilar to an artist studio or a workshop. Utensils, ingredients, herbs, flowers, patterns, these are things I like to see on my kitchen walls. Everything evoking busy making, processes, aromas and the pure joy of creation!
5. BATHROOM -Blue and green are definitely a bathroom best friends. As well as water themed illustrations like my diving girls series below.
6. HOME OFFICE -On the wall over my desk, I like displaying a variety of images. I mix postcards with fine art prints, photos and cut outs. I like to see inspiring, quirky things that give me ideas and make me smile when I rest my eyes away from the screen!

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