What's the difference between the different shops?
The reason I opened different shops in the first place was to make my work more widely available. Now each shop has grown slightly different, with its own special features. 
My Etsy shop is the one I curate and run 100% Read below about the main characteristics of each shop.
So, what are the main characteristics of each shop?
Dreamy Me is me @Etsy  is100% curated and run by me and the person you will contact about anything will be me. At Etsy I sell prints and original artwork.
Elena Blanco @Saatchi is my corner at the Saatchi on-line market place. Here you'll find a few unique pieces such as limited-edition prints.
Dreamy Me @Society6 is a shop where you can buy nearly anything I've ever produced since 2013! Great to see how my work has developed :DSome home decor, apparel and accessories featuring my work are available too. 
Elena Blanco @Deny Designs is a gallery of  home decor products produced by Deny Designs and featuring my work.
Are prices different in every shop?
Prices for the same items will be the same with slight variations due to different currencies.
If the difference in price is substantial it might be because the artwork has been cropped or printed on a different quality of medium. This happens only with home decor products.
If you come across difference in prices that don't make sense please do contact me. I might not be aware if it!
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