Welcome to my little treasure box! My name is Elena and I'm the artist behind Dreamy Me. 
I am a self-taught illustrator who studied architecture in Barcelona and moved to London in 2000 where I currently live. 
I started my career as an artist after having my children and reconnecting with the wonderful world of childhood. I then decided it was never too late to take the lead of my own life and do what I loved. I started doing children illustration and created 3 picture books that I still hope to publish one day.
With a few prints of those early stories, I opened my Etsy shop in 2011. Since then my art has developed in many new directions. Currently I wok on my own projects that I sell as prints and paintings in different shops. I also work as a free-lance illustrator, mainly for private clients. 
Because of my background in architecture I approach my work from design and composition. Because of my love of literature and philosophy, stories and ideas are a constant source of inspiration. I combine abstract shapes and patterns with figurative elements. I like working in layers, very often superposing unrelated motives that in this way seem to acquire new meanings.
I always work manually. My favourite mediums are watercolour and ink because of their luminosity and fluidity. Working by hand, spreading colour on a piece of paper, fills my soul with joy. I hope to be able to share this feeling with you!